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Praiseworthy service. Regular updates ensured and waste was removed quickly and efficiently.

I found the service very impressive. In a short time, I received multiple quotations. Everything proceeded without a hitch.

The staff gave excellent guidance and clear instructions for the hire and usage steps. Truly good to work with. Thanks a lot.

The team's commitment was evident in their excellent job of dismantling and removing our shed. Exceeding our expectations, it was great to work with them. The price was fair with recycling in mind. Thank you!

I am beyond pleased with the service from Waste Recycling Haringey. The staff were polite and helpful, and my item was placed just where I wanted it.

Kudos to the efficient and friendly members of the waste removal team who came to our home.

They deserve all the praise for their remarkable work ethic - professional yet friendly throughout the process of removing my waste.

Thanks to Waste Disposal Haringey, I received top-notch services that I can't praise enough. The team did a fantastic job, displaying great efficiency and providing frequent updates throughout the process. They were also incredibly polite and always acted professionally, which put my mind at ease.

From start to finish, I felt confident in their abilities thanks to the efficient and amiable work of the operatives during my first time using their service for the removal.

These two guys proved to be a refreshing change from my previous experience with a different clearance company - they cleared everything in no time and made sure to tidy up afterwards.

Both waste management workers were courteous and respectful at all times.

I cannot recommend this place enough for their incredible five-star service. The impeccable work ethic and politeness of the staff really stood out.

The garbage pickup team was friendly and experienced, easily hauling away the massive mattress weighing more than 100 pounds without any troubles or harm. Rubbish Clearance Haringey was remarkable.

The impeccable service of Rubbish Clearance Haringey surpassed my expectations in every aspect. They were punctual, respectful and amicable.

If you want a hassle-free, efficient waste clearance experience, go with Waste Clearance Haringey.

Magnificent help given by Waste Clearance Haringey. Now for a second time having engaged their services, and surely will go back to them when it comes to ANY kind of removal job inside where I live at home.

My stuff was gone in no time because of their efficiency and effectiveness.

Impressive waste clearance - rapid, effortless and the crew getting rid of it were amiable and proficient! A class above all other rubbish removals!

After being involved with Waste Disposal Haringey for an extended period of time, I can only say good things about them. Their service is always timely, cost-effective, and their staff are very accommodating to work with. They make you feel like part of the family and receive my highest recommendation possible.

There are quite a few options for rubbish removal services, but Rubbish Clearance Haringey is the one that I would wholeheartedly recommend. They have done jobs for both myself and my elderly parents, and they always do a great job.

Affordable junk removal. Great is even an understatement when referring to Waste Disposal Haringey. They have been doing a great job.

Have to commend the sheer quality of the junk removal service as provided by Waste Recycling Haringey. The service was fast and the junk taken away with no fuss.

The collection of rubbish went off without a hitch. Arrived at my property at the agreed upon time. The Rubbish Clearance Haringey crew were spot on, helpful and had no problem with large, heavy bits such as an old gas oven. We will recommend as well as use them again.

Once I finished my renovation project for a nice and improved kitchen I needed to get the construction waste out of the way. I figured a waste clearance company would be a good choice and I turned out to be right about that. The people from Waste Disposal Haringey managed to get all of my waste and make it disappear within a couple of hours, so I am pleased with their work.

A big thank you to Rubbish Clearance Haringey and their wonderful staff for the support I received with my office clearance. Now I have a lot more room thanks to the teams here, and all the rubbish was collected up quickly and easily. It's good to find an eco-friendly company that isn't expensive, and this one was perfect for me and my business!

Office waste collection is important. It has to be done so that the workplace is tidy and has room. Whenever I undergo this procedure, I always have Waste Clearance Haringey take care of things for me. They will always have the job done quickly and without any fuss. If you need junk removed from your office then they are the only people you should call.

Getting rid of garden waste can be difficult. You can be left with dirt, stones, branches, leaves, grass and more. Disposing of these correctly can be difficult but not if you let RubbishClearanceHaringey take care of things. I have hired them a few items now and they always carefully get rid of the garden waste. They do it safely and get rid of everything I don't what. They always have the job done quickly and everything will be disposed of properly. What more could you want?

My children were at school and this gave me time to go through the place in peace. I cleared every room in the house and ended up with loads of waste and broken items to get rid of. This meant hiring some help. Luckily my dad knew a local company that were cheap and did a fast and efficient service. Rubbish Clearance Haringey were able to call at short notice and they took the time to separate the junk and load it onto the vehicle. The junk removal was done at a good cost. It is great to have more room in the house.

I realised that it was going to be a big task to remove all the junk that had been accumulating in my attic space over the years. I didn't have the time and really couldn't muster up the effort to do it all myself so I gave RubbishClearanceHaringey a call. The booking process was straightforward, the team arrived on time and everything was carried out to my exact requirements. A truly faultless and top quality service!

RubbishClearanceHaringey are a reliable and professional company that gave me lots of help and support with both the collection and disposal of the waste in my office. I picked this company because they're a greener option for waste clearance, and they were also very committed and friendly. A wholly fantastic service!

We recently bought new furniture and were looking to say goodbye to our old furniture which included sofa sets and other items. But we soon found out that this task was not that easy and hence we hired Waste Clearance Haringey to remove all the old items. I wondered if they would come to my rescue on a short notice, but within hours of calling up the company, they cleared all the old furniture and provided us with extra space in our home. The old sofa set, broken chairs and that ugly dining table soon became history and we are now enjoying the company of our new furniture. Thank you, team, for the excellent service!

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